Meet Angela Csargo.

“Our basic desire is to feel our best, and live a life that brings us joy and happiness. As someone who strives daily to seek this as my mission, I developed my healing practice around three words that define and open the door to YOU and the gift you are in this world.”

Open the door to CONNECTION…

See the path that is the bridge to INTEGRATION of your mind & body…

And be marveled by the TRANSFORMATION.

I invite you to open the door to your healing journey.


Bodywork & Transformation Therapy

Some benefits of receiving bodywork and transformational Therapy…

* Enhances immune system * Decreases blood pressure * Releases toxic buildup in the body * Helps to heal and reduce injuries

* Reduces insomnia * Increases range of motion and flexibility * Reduces fat cells/cellulite * Helps to alleviate anxiety and depression

* Reduces chronic trauma and acute trauma * Supports our natural circadian rhythm * Increases dopamine and serotonin

* Reduces mental and emotional triggers and or “dis-ease” * Reduces nervous tension *Optimizes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being

Expert in:

  • Weight Management

  • The Endocrine System

  • Female Hormones

  • Detoxification / Cleanses

  • Body and Blood Types

  • Stress and Depression

  • Neuromuscular Therapy

  • Rehabilitation Therapy/Acute Injuries

  • Stretching and Support with ideal Workouts

    /and or Fitness Training

  • Sports Massage

  • Lymphatic Detox Massage

  • Reflexology

  • Cupping and ETPS (Dolphin Wave)

  • Intuitive Energy Healing work

  • Reiki/ Chakra Healing Energy Work

  • Somatic Mind - Body Coaching

  • Nutritional Coaching”

Angela is pure magic ~ no exaggeration.
I have experienced a lot of massage, and use it often as an integral part of my health and body regimen.

Angela provides the best bodywork, on a consistent basis, that I have ever experienced. I have been using her for over 5 years and she continues to get better, if that’s even possible.

Her commitment to knowledge; growth; understanding the body; nutrition; herbs and oils is undeniable.
Not only can she go deep, but the fluidity of her strokes and rhythm are perfection. I highly recommend her for everyone.

If you are looking for a feel good, great massage, she is better than anyone I have come across in Denver. She has also helped rehab me from injuries and does massage for my 17 year old daughter who is a competitive volleyball player.

I trust her completely.
— Nancy Sparrow -

About Angela:

For approximately two decades, Angela, has been devoted to exploring the complex relationships between mind, body, & spirit.

Angela believes that the mind and body connection contains the blue print of our DNA that has untapped profound possibility and knowledge, that can manifest miracles if desired.

Her hunger for knowledge, led her naturally to the Mountain Heart School of Body Work and Transformational Therapy in Crested Butte, Colorado. Here, she excelled in learning multiple massage therapy techniques, and the beginning of her continued work with Somatic Mind-Body Therapy, before graduating in 1999. Committed to healing the ‘whole’ body, Angela continued her education and graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Institute of Denver, Colorado in 2006. To this day, Angela is a persistent scholar and has enrolled in countless workshops, seminars, and classes, and continues to support, adhere, and strengthen her skill-set and knowledge today.

Specializing in Mental and Emotional Well-Being, Weight Management, Endocrine System, Female Hormones, Detoxification/Cleanses and more, Angela provides the necessary tools you will need, as you begin your personal healing journey. By establishing a respectful, mutual rapport and performing with the utmost integrity, she will provide guidance, support and enable you to open the door into the essence of you. This work provides opportunities to empower your wisdom, tap into your natural gifts, support and strengthen your vessel (your body & mind) and establish the relationship to how extraordinary YOU are and your soul’s journey in this lifetime!

Angela’s Bodywork & Transformational Therapy connects YOU to a gateway that opens YOU up to integrating infinite possibility to the wisdom, knowledge and power YOU hold within.    What was once limited and bound, in your body and life, by a contained structure of limitations…is NOW, expansive and can YOU CAN fly freely!

Angela’s Bodywork & Transformational Therapy connects YOU to a gateway that opens YOU up to integrating infinite possibility to the wisdom, knowledge and power YOU hold within.

What was once limited and bound, in your body and life, by a contained structure of limitations…is NOW, expansive and can YOU CAN fly freely!

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" ~ Rumi

This quote, “Let The Beauty Of What You Love Be What You Do” by Rumi, speaks clearly to my work and how I choose to live my life. I enjoy and choose to follow a passion of mine which drives me, and is a source of vital living. I began this work in the mid 1990’s, and I recognize the beauty of what I do in the healing world as infinitely inspiring and motivating.

Each of us is biochemically unique. If we make ONE MILLION CELLS AN HOUR...

what mind-body communication of thoughts, emotions and behaviors are YOU choosing? Our CELLS are constantly manifesting our current thought patterns, behavioral (mental and emotional) patterns through our current physical state.

If we saw are ourselves as a blank canvas when we awake each day, what expression of art do you wish to paint and illuminate who you see yourself as?

I believe, that we have within each of us the ability to tap into our own internal physician through listening to our mind-body communication.

No one knows YOU better than YOU.

We live in a world where we are running ourselves to depletion. Most of us become disconnected from our bodies, and this disconnect is an imbalance, that in time, may lead to “dis-ease.” Choosing to nurture and nourish the vessel that carries us through this lifetime allows you to be present and available to our day to day living while providing a sense of peace, love and well-being.

Coming from a place of feeling and being recharged, whole, and renewed, supports you in being present to your day to day circumstances and living, able to handle stress with more ease and grace, and can provide authentic relating rather than coming from a place of depletion and giving when we have nothing to give.

Stepping through the door will provide a way to Connection, Integration, and Transformation, and will allow you to witness the divine gift YOU are in this world.

Many of us are constantly in a place of giving…but how can we truly give if we are not allowing to be receptive to receiving?

Choosing to take care of our well-being is the greatest gift we can give to others.

Over the last 14 years I have been a client of Angela Csargo, and I have witnessed one undeniable truth -
Angela is a leader in her field.

Angela is the most knowledgeable massage therapist I have ever encountered. Not only do I leave our sessions feeling 100% better on a physical and emotional level, I also seem to learn a little something about my own body.

Her understanding of every little muscle she works on is unparalleled. I would recommend Angela Csargo to anyone looking to improve their overall wellness.
— Ron A.

“Angela has amazing senses, strength, and skills as a massage therapist and nutritionist. Her care and dedication is rare and hard to find. She has provided me with hope and healing over the last 6 years and I am so grateful for her! Thank you Angela!”
— Amy K. Wright -